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me A A A A

When i look back and see
i used to know a girl rather bashful and a timid girl
with no friends around and none to care for
a girl who had high hopes
but never came out of her tiny world
As the years rolled by and the time for her to face the nasty world came by
the feeling of uneasiness overpowered her
Suppressed by inferirity was her mind
miserable was her plight
but without any hesitation she said a little prayer asking the father in heaven to help and take care of her
with much courage she took the first step
On account of her nature
was she faced with humiliation and isolation
she was shattered and despised by everyone
tears filled her eyes
her heart was full of sorrow
that night when she was in deep slumber
heard her conscience saying
complicated is the life,needs to be faced boldly
realization overcame the fear dwelling in her heart
made a vow to atone her nature
now the success has touched her feet and the girl is none other than me


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