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Chronicles of The Shadow - Chapter one A A A A

Introduction: The story starts on the planet Darknian. The leader of this planet is called Obdu Ja Hal and his son is known as Shadow. Everything is peaceful until...

Chapter one - Evacuations

"Shadow" Darknia calls. "What?" Shadow answers. "What's going on?" she says. Darknia is Shadow’s girlfriend. "I don't know" he answers. Shadow's brothers: Cosmo, Fear, Light, Element, Ice, Water, Black Hole, White Hole, Fire, Magma, Volcano, Snow, Forest, Earth, and his sister Wind run in and tell him that the planet is being attacked and that they need to leave. He grabs his sword and runs outside. Then one of the enemy's charges at him and Shadow blocks the attack and stabs the dude in the stomach. He runs to an escape shuttle and leaves the planet.

This is only the first chapter in the adventures of the Shadow. More books will come out soon. Tell me what you think.


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